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Journey into Gilneas with the Hearthstone Witchwood expansion

Hearthstone Witchwood Launch Date

Blizzard has really done a very good job of cranking out new content for Hearthstone. The game has received so many expansions now that the cards in total number well into the hundreds. After all, we’ve gotten seven total expansions now, which each include 130-145 new cards for players to goof around with. And then there’s the Adventures like Curse of Naxxramas which added both new game modes and a handful of new cards, usually numbering around 50 or so. But hold on to your butts, because we’re getting another expansion, marking the eighth expansion since the game launched. Prepare to journey into Gilneas with the Witchwood expansion.

Just like the other card expansions, players will get new cards and a bunch of other content. The Witchwood is Hearthstone‘s eighth expansion. Featuring 135 new collectible cards, and the new Druid alternate hero Lunara.  The expansion will also include a new game mode called Monster Hunt, a single-player mode akin to Dungeon Run with four exclusive playable classes. We’re also getting a new Standard rotation, which will change out what cards are played outside of the Wild mode. Hearthstone will shift out of the Year of the Mammoth, which currently has the the Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and The League of Explorers sets in the Wild format.

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The official description of the set teases a rather spooky setting, filled with mysterious frights and untold horrors:

An eerie haze has settled over the Witchwood. The wolflike worgen of Gilneas, under siege once more, ready their cannons and claws to defend their homes from a mysterious force. With 135 frightful cards, the choice is yours: will you rise up and protect the kingdom? Or will you side with evil and see Gilneas fall to the might of the woods?

Check out the trailer for the new expansion down below. The next expansion is due out on April 12, 2018.

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