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Square Enix teases new game, Outriders

Square Enix E3

Square Enix has been working on a new sci-fi title since 2017, although things have been pretty quiet around this particular game. The game got an initial teaser a while back, but gamers haven’t hear much since about this spooky title. That has all changed though as the developer People Can Fly has finally released a pair new teasers for the game, which can be seen below.

The setup is intriguing, and a pretty chilling mix of sci-fi and horror elements. The story is that humanity has fled the increasingly distraught and devastated Earth in search of a new home. And things don’t look to be going according to plan. The Flores, the colony ship flung out into one area of space on this search, is the setting for this dramatic tale.

The story concept looks and sounds like it could really pack in some tension. It will be very interesting to see what People Can Fly can actually do with the idea in-game. The developer has worked on some pretty high-profile projects, like several titles in the Gears of War series, so there’s definite passion and experience there to tap into.

It’s hard to tell what type of gameplay experience we’re going to get with Outriders. The tone of these teasers could point to a tension-driven “walking sim”, but it could also be a survival game in some capacity. We will just have to wait and see when the game is fully unveiled at E3. The development team will have a presence at E3 2019, so be on the lookout for more info about Outriders soon.

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