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All changes coming to Railjack in Warframe with the New Railjack

Warframe Rising Tide

Some big changes are coming to Railjack when Corpus Proxima launches later this month in Warframe. The whole of managing the Railjack is about to get much easier. Gameplay refinements abound in the planned patch. One such example is that DE has reduced the Resources required to build options from the Wreckage you acquire. Simply put it means less grinding. There’s so much more to it than that, so let’s talk about that.

The big focus here is on getting the game to be more accessible and less grindy. A big part of that isn’t just gameplay changes though. Railjack layout changes make the New Railjack much easier to control. Turret placements have been shifted, with side turrets have been moved to the center of the ship. That means that the gunners will always be facing their targets. Also, the floor plan for the craft has been moved around, with the overall layout shrunk down. The cargo area has been removed entirely, for example.

Revamps to the Railjack

The biggest changes include the removal of Railjack’s Avionics. That’s right, you now get a more traditional mod screen like that of weapons and gear.  Avionics being turned into regular Mods and players can now fully customize their entire ship the way they like it.

Warframe New Railjack Changes

Refinements to the mission structure are also on the docket. Players will be able to get into the game mode faster by selecting missions from the Dry Dock, without having to be on the ship first.

Other changes include the removal of extraneous things like Stamina and other designs. Combining this with layout changes means that the gameplay will be much simpler to access and easier to handle. Players will find that cargo systems have been heavily streamlined as well. Not only has the base speed of the Railjack been increased, but the removal of Stamina makes it easier to move around. Pilots cannot fire the main ship guns while boosting, but the movement changes and the new placement of turrets makes positioning a much better thing to deal with..

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Other Changes

The hazards found around the map in missions have been redone, for one thing.

  • Electrical Hazards now mess with the mini-map and disable the tactical menu temporarily.
  • Catastrophic Hull Breaches now deals damage to all players on board until fixed.
  • Ice Hazards can now freeze interactive elements of the Railjack: Pilot seat, Forges, Archwing Slingshot, and Turrets
  • Fire Hazards can cause weapons overheat much easier.
  • Hull Ruptures have been removed from the game.

The way that resources are managed has also been changed. Players will now find that ammo and resource pools are per player, which means no more of one player hogging all the charges. Flux Energy has also been removed, and the abilities that relied on it have been replaced to be fueled with standard Energy from your own Warframe. Also, the New Railjack always has full ammo when leaving the Dry Dock.

There are many more changes planned for the Corpus Proxima update, and you can find them on the forum thread DE put together recapping the changes.

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