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Starlink: Battle for Atlas spotlights pilots Judge and Chase in new trailer

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Fox McCloud and Mason Rana

Ubisoft has released a pair of new trailers for Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The focus for these new trailers is on two new pilots, each with their own unique spacecraft. Each of these spaceships have unique abilities that allow them to adapt to different challenges within the game.

The first trailer showcases the pilot Judge, with his spaceship Neptune and its Time Shift ability. It allows you to slow time and is a great ability for both offense and defense. Judge is a powerful alien with a mysterious link to Nova. He was discovered in Earth’s Arctic by St. Grand and is now on a mission to track down his makers and learn more about himself.

The second trailer focuses on Calisto Chase da Silva and her spaceship Pulse. Its overdrive ability gives you a huge speed boost during a short period of time. Chase is a 16-year-old racing phenomenon and fierce competitor from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Despite a racing injury that cost her her left arm and leg, she’s as competitive and cheerful as they come.

In terms of other Starlink: Battle for Atlas news, there’s another trailer showcasing Fox McCloud and other new pilots in the game. This brings the total number of pilots in-game to ten, so there’s plenty of choice for players to pick from.

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas releases on October 16th for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. You should check out the newest trailer for the game down below.

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