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Gothic Metroidvania, The Last Faith, gets a new gameplay trailer

The Last Faith

The Last Faith is a brand new Metroidvania game that looks to capture the classic nostalgia of the Castlevania games, but with a splash of style. Metroidvania as a genre was pioneered decades ago thanks to its two namesake franchises, Metroid and Castlevania, and it’s a wonder to behold. Players zip around a spooky gothic game world, slaying all manner of undead and demons as they go. By borrowing heavily from the lore of iconic horror figures like Dracula, there’s something to both have fun with and be scared by.

And with The Last Faith, things are getting much more complex and menacing. Quietly slumbering in its own corner of the gaming scene, the genre is getting more powerful as time goes on. Gone are the days of the flat 2D backgrounds and basic sprites. By blending modern graphical techniques with the classic 2D elements, this game looks stellar. Players will be able to slay undead while incredible lighting and particle effects fire off all around them.

That’s not all though, as the gameplay is shifting a fair bit as well. The Last Faith blends Metroidvania and Soulslike gameplay. This will allow the player much more freedom to explore the game world to uncover powerful new foes, and devastating new powers.

The game is described as a “dark, gothic alliance of Metroidvania and Soulslike.” It was originally revealed as a Kickstarter project back in 2020, and will be the debut game of the London-based independent studio Kumi Souls Games.

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So what’s going on here? The story isn’t the typical Dracula fair, but it’s pretty close. The Last Faith places us into the shoes of a character named Eric. Eric will have to venture through dark forests, snowy mountains and so much more on his quest for power and to end the dark pact hanging over his life.

Check out the trailer below. The Last Faith is releasing on PC later this year.

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