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GGG releases bloody new free for all video

Path of Exile Betrayal League

In a continuation of another previously established, and rather beloved, video series, Grinding Gear Games has some more bloody action to show off. This time fans are getting a continuation of the bosses free-for-all series. This one focuses on a new faction introduced in a previous patch, one that made the culture and conflict of Wraeclast much more lively and chaotic.

The Immortal Syndicate was introduced in the 3.5 patch with the inclusion of the Betrayal League mechanics. These brutal assassins and secret keeping lunatics are obsessed with death, and Jun Ortoi showed up alongside the Exile to take them down. Problem is, the Immortal Syndicate doesn’t tend to stay dead, and they’re out for blood. But at least this time, the blood they’re shedding doesn’t belong to the players.

Grinding Gear Games has been making these brawl-style videos for a while now, the most recent in the series pitted a variety of the different Masters against each other, creating a clear winner out of some tough competition. Other videos have matched up Act bosses against Rogue Exiles in a brutal contest, it’s all really fun to watch.

Check out the newest Free For All with the Immortal Syndicate down below. Who do you think will be the overall winner? Let us know your prediction for the best fighter in the overall Syndicate

Path of Exile is currently free-to-play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and with the impending launch of the 3.7 patch and melee skill balance, fans are excited to see more of their favorite ARPG. We will just have to wait until later this month to learn more about that particular tidbit though. We do know that the Synthesis mechanics, which many players hated, are not moving to the core game right now. That’s sure to brighten the days of some POE players.

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