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GGG announces new cosmetics to celebrate launch of Path of Exile 3.8

Path of Exile Carnival Mystery Box Announced

As expected, GGG had a very successful launch weekend for the new challenges league, and they’re in the mood to celebrate. And the developer is doing just that by unveiling a bunch of new cosmetic items for POE players to drool over. There’s a ton here, including a new Mystery Box, but also Blight League inspired skins and a continuation of some old favorites.

There’s a continuation of the Celestial line of cosmetics with a new bundle including a bunch of starry-eyed effects for Necromancer builds. Since Summoner archetype builds are all the rage in Path of Exile Blight, players want new threads to deck their minions out with. Of course GGG is happy to oblige by donning your zombies and other ghoulish buddies in Shaper-themed effects.

And speaking of builds, why not check out some starter builds for the new league if you’re just getting around to playing and feeling lost.

The new set of skill and weapon effects are of course joined by some rather sickly looking new armor sets, which can be seen below, that fit well with the Blight theme of the new league.

But wait, there’s more!

Grinding Gear Games is also getting in a more festive mood with the newest Mystery Box for Path of Exile fans. A Mystery Box is just a loot box, so it’s going to annoy some people, but it’s purely cosmetic, so that’s nice at least. Players chasing those expensive armor set pieces have a chance of dropping them with these Mystery Boxes, and each one has their own unique theme.

Last cycle it was the Frontier Mystery Box taking up center stage, now it’s a much more insanely chaotic theme that’s just in time for Halloween. Creepy clowns and other frights dominate this new content, so be prepared for some scary armor sets and weapon skins. For example, there’s even a portal effect made to look like a tiger leaping through a flaming hoop. If you want a truly terrifying carnival of horrors, look no further than the Carnival Mystery Box.

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