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Latest Playstation Underground shows off Off Exploration, Troll-bashing and more in God of War

Sony Interactive Entertainment has shown off some new gameplay for their upcoming God of War sequel on PS4.

This new gameplay focuses on Kratos’ exploration of the hostile lands he and his son must navigate. There’s also some good troll-bashing going on in this preview too. The trolls and other enemies in the newest game will each have their own interesting backstories and mechanics. The example we see in the video below is a unique enemy in the game, and judging by the footage we see here, it looks pretty tough.

There’s also a small peek at the loot system players will have to contend with in the game. By solving puzzles or other challenges, players can upgrade health damage and other aspects of their characters over the course of the game. And if that concerns you, the game’s director has said that loot boxes will not be in the game, so no P2W stuff in God of War.

God of War is launching for PlayStation 4 on April 20th.

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