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Kingdom Hearts III shows off ReMIND DLC in new trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3

TGS 2019 is in full swing, and that means the Japanese games industry is pumping out teasers, trailers and news all about their upcoming games. This of course includes the venerable Square Enix, and their newest big name video games. Among the various titles on the show floor is Kingdom Hearts III, the continuation of Sora’s story in the Disney and anime crossover universe.

With the newest trailer showed off at the event, Kingdom Hearts III detailed its upcoming DLC pack, with a bunch of new story content and other additions. According to the company, they describe the DLC as a chance to “challenge yourself to new boss battles, master Sora’s new form, learn more about the members of Organization XIII, and more.” The DLC pack is called ReMIND, and the it looks like the story will be built around calling back to older games and building on the years-long legacy of the JRPG franchise.

Check out the new trailer down below. The ReMIND DLC is due sometime this Winter, but no firm release date has been set.

Kingdom Hearts III is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The JRPG came out in January 2019 and became one of the hotter titles this year, having sold over five million copies within its first week of release, becoming both the fastest-selling and best-selling game in the series’ history. The new DLC remains pretty mysterious, with fans only having seen a few teases up until now.

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We know that the new DLC will pick up Sora’s story where the main sequel left off, adding new elements involving Aqua, Roxas, and Riku alongside the main hero. Although details are still murky, the game will also include new gameplay elements, we cannot wait to see what else Squeenix is up to. The company has been pushing other addon content for the franchise as well, including a VR experience.

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