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PUBG Season 8 shows off loot trucks in new trailer

PUBG Season 8 shows off loot trucks in new trailer

PUBG Corporation has unleashed a new trailer for their flagship shooter PUBG, a.k.a. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. The big focus on this time around is the new content being added in PUBG Season 8. the new patch brings some new and remixed content into the game, offering players new and old something to enjoy.

There are some new challenges to be had and completed. And of course, that also means that there will be new rewards as well for players willing to put in the work. Players are also getting something a bit more groundbreaking to fight over in this patch too. The maps are getting a makeover in a few areas, and now there’s some extra loot to find.

Said new loot will spawn in unique armored trucks akin to SWAT vans. Find these roaming around and you can crack them open to get a few different rewards. The loot trucks in the game will have the chance to contain Tier 3 gear, and even some unique-skinned weapons.

Check out the new PUBG Season 8 trailer down below.

Season 8 released on PC earlier this week, with the console port expected soon, possibly by July 30. PUBG is currently available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

According to the developers, these new loot trucks will spawn within the match, giving players a new bit of treasure to chase. As part of the newest season of content, the maps are getting an overhaul in some regards, with an eye for balance and new layouts. The idea with both the map reworks and new loot trucks is to encourage players to break out of their habits when engaging in conflict, mostly by giving them new motivators.

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Here’s how the new season is officially described by the developer.

“Our classic tropical island is now overgrown and long abandoned, with locations and assets that have been reworked from the ground up for fun, balance, and performance.

Check out new locations and hidden secrets as you plan your ambush for the new Loot Truck, a behemoth of a vehicle that travels the map, transporting a king’s cache of loot.

What you find inside may also shed some light on the Sanhok 4, an infamous squad from the island’s past. Get Survivor Pass: Payback and earn rewards tied to the map and story of Sanhok throughout Season 8!”

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