How to make smooth stone in Minecraft

Here's how to make smooth stone in Minecraft.

Minecraft has recently added smooth stones and as the name implies, it is simply a stone block with a much smoother gradient than the regular stone. This will give you are different look compared to the many mines and homes that you build. ANd making them is much easier than relying on high-level enchantments. Here’s how to make smooth stone in Minecraft.

To make a smooth stone, first, you will need to go around and collect a bunch of cobblestones, get a furnace and some fuel for it. You can mine stone blocks with any pickaxe to obtain cobblestones. Get eight blocks of cobblestone and you can craft a furnace at a crafting table. Put a cobblestone on every block except the center block on the crafting table to obtain a furnace.

Once the furnace is crafted and placed, put in your remaining cobblestones in the top slot of the furnace. It can hold up to 64 cobblestones at once.

You will now need fuel to smelt. You can either use any wood item as fuel, or wooden blocks can be made into charcoal (Smelt wooden blocks with any fuel source) and used which is much more efficient. Coals can be found at any level underground and can sometimes be seen from the surface. Alternatively, you can also use Blaze rods and lava bucks as fuel in a furnace which can smelt 100 blocks at a time.

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Once you have your fuel source, you can now place it in the bottom slot of the furnace. If the slots are filled and are compatible, then it will automatically start the smelting process. The arrow in the middle will supply until the first block is finished, after which it moves on to the next one. You will begin receiving regular stone with cobblestone in your ingredient slot.

Once you have your regular stone, you can wait for your furnace to finish smelting or make another furnace. Make sure that you have your fuel in the bottom slot and the regular stone in the top slot. After smelting the regular stone a second time, you will have smooth stone in Minecraft.

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