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EVE Online Tiamat Patch Notes Released

EVE Online

Tiamat will be released on February 17, and CCP has released the patch notes for the latest release of EVE Online. Key features in this release include the ability for corporations to choose if a CONCORD response will be triggered by intra-corp aggression, and the Minmatar T3 Tactical Destroyer: the Svipul.

Tiamat will also see an appearance of a new faction in New Eden – the Drifters. While details have been vague, their appearance following the Circadian Sleepers’ arrival appears to be connected. Bits and pieces of Drifter related content have been discovered on Singularity, the public facing test server, in addition to being hinted at by way of The Scope news videos. Other changes include a rebalancing of projectile weapons, new sound effects, graphical upgrades, and UI improvements. For further details on the release, check out the official Community site for Tiamat.
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