Where to farm Calla Lily in Genshin Impact

Where to farm White Iron Chunks in Genshin Impact

Calla Lily in Genshin Impact is a flower that can be used for a few different things. Calla Lily in Genshin Impact is mostly used for cooking and some Ascension recipes. Characters like Kaeya and Diona use it for that, for example. It’s likely that as the roster grows over time, there could be other characters that will make use of them. The other use of the item is for cooking Calla Lily Seafood Soup.

Where to get Calla Lily in Genshin Impact

While the plant can grow just about anywhere near water in the first region of Mondstadt, there’s one place in particular where it’s very abundant. Start looking around Springvale for a good location to find these items. You can find around a dozen or so around a small pond just south of the main city. Look for the small pond in Springvale just to the south of the main gate and you will see a bunch along the water’s edge.

And since these resource nodes respawn every few out-of-game days, it’s a good idea to stop by here once in a while. You will want to grab more resources for new characters and cooking recipes, so it’s a good idea to remember this. There’s a teleporter in the area, so it’s very easy to get to.

Check the image below for the exact location of the spawns in this area.

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The best place to farm Calla Lily in Genshin Impact

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