Death Stranding guide: EX grenades

Death Stranding guide: EX grenades

BTs are the biggest threat you face throughout most of your time in Death Stranding. These ghostly foes are hard to detect and always lethal if they get their claws on you, or whatever it is they have, They have one fatal weakness though, as they can seemingly be harmed by the residual Chiralium lingering all over the globe.

Sam Porter Bridges is unique in many ways, including his ability to combat these incredibly dangerous ghosts. By distilling the Chiralium from Sam’s body, you can weaponize it against these lethal foes. That’s through a wondrous invention: EX grenades.

Types of EX Grenades

There are three types of EX Grenades in Death Stranding are as follows:

  • EX Grenade 0 –  The most common grenade type, because it’s distilled from Sam’s sweat and the lingering Chiralium on his body from his exposure to the outside world.
  • EX Grenade Number 1 – So named because they’re made from Sam’s urine. Do you get the joke? Anyway, these are mildly more effective against BTs than type 0. These can be produced from Sam’s urine pretty easily since he has an all-liquid diet for the most part.
  • EX Grenade Number 1+ – This is a special type that can only be obtained by having Sam stay at a low stamina cap and without rest for some time. You need to have a full bladder for some time for this to happen. Sam’s urine will be contaminated with blood. If you’re out on a mission and urinate, he will remark about blood in this state. This is a weapon more potent than a plain Number 1.
  • EX Grenade Number 2 – These are the most effective weapon you get in terms of these grenades. They are made from Sam’s feces and are pretty hard to come by. The biggest problem is that you need have a solid diet to be able to produce these. Check the section below for how to get more Number 2 EX Grenades.
EX Grenade Number 1

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How to get more grenades

The Number 0 Grenades are created in batches each time Sam takes a shower. You need to go on some deliveries though, as Sam needs to get nice and filthy to produce the maximum number. So go out and get into some scraps, possibly even stealth your way past some BTs. The lingering levels of chemicals can then be washed off in your private room to get some free weapons.

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Number 1 Grenades are pretty easy to come by as well. Anytime Sam gets worn out, go snag and drink a Monster Energy Drink. This liquid energy will fill up his bladder. Select the shower to have the option to go use the toilet. Choose the first option to be granted a bundle of the Number 0 Grenades. The more you drink, the more you can produce, up to a maximum of four at a time.

Number 2 EX Grenades come from solid food, and there’s only one source of that in the game. You need to find some cryptobiotes for Sam to eat. cryptobiotes are most often found in the fungal areas of the map, hanging off the sides of plants. When you find some, use left on the D-pad to consume a few.

The added benefit here is that you will also refill blood lost during combat by eating this solid food.

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