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Crysis Remastered delayed after backlash

The release of Crysis Remastered has been delayed. Fans found out about the remake of the classic after it was leaked via screenshots and the trailer below. The game is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, according to the release. At least Crytek is back at the helm for this remaster. The game will feature a variety of upgraded visuals and some gameplay changes for the new version.

The tweet announcing the delay went into more detail. People haven’t heard much from the franchise since 2013 when Crysis 3 came out. So seeing the remaster get dropped online is pretty shocking. Fans were not very happy. The reaction is mostly over the potential of souring the vibes of the original, which through impressive for the time, have not aged well in terms of visuals.

The important part for many is that most pre-orders will be postponed. The pre-orders for the Switch and various other console versions are still apparently in effect, but won’t ship on the due date.

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The development team has announced on Twitter the game will be delayed “a few weeks” to fulfill fans’ expectations. According to the developers, “extra time until release will allow us to get Crysis Remastered up to the PC- and console-breaking standard you’ve come to expect from Crysis games.”

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