How to change your appearance and clothing in Ooblets

How to change your appearance and clothing in Ooblets

When you first fire up Ooblets, you can change around your hair and other customization options, but how do you change them after that point? When you first shoe up in Badgetown you will need to do some tasks to unlock a variety of features. There’s a lot of questions floating around about this game, and one is how to change your appearance and clothing in Ooblets.

You can alter your character’s hair, facial hair, and hair color and more by paying a visit to Snups. You can change your clothes by heading over to Kibbonbon and buying some new ones. Both stores will have various bits you can interact with to change your appearance. For example, the hair salon has barber chairs. Both of these locations require you to spend Gummies to pay up though, so go around and earn some extra currency by doing tasks for other NPCs, or maybe do some farming.

To find these stores, let’s first talk about Snups. You will find Snups on the east side of town. Padrig owns the store and will have a few different options available to choose from. You have a total of 17 different colors to pick from, with plenty of bright colors included. Snups is also the location you can give your character facial hair and change their haircut, so keep that in mind. There are several haircuts available as well.

The clothing shop is called Kibbonbon and it’s on the opposite side of town to Snups. So you may have to travel a bit farther, but it’s worth it if you want to change your appearance and clothing in Ooblets. The clothier is owned by a helpful NPC named Churles who really likes clothes and has plenty of them. He has many different clothing options to pick from, so grab what you think looks best with your new haircut.

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