How to Enchant in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Split-Screen Coming in Update 1.5

When you arrive on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley 1.5, there’s so much more to do. The game has a new volcanic zone that has new NPCs and quests to complete. Tons of exotic fruits and crops, like pineapples, mangos, and bananas are also on the new island. Another new feature, aside from really useful stuff like the Fairy Dust, is enchantment. Here are the steps you need to take to be able to enchant in Stardew Valley 1.5.

To do any of this, you need to reach the Enchantment Machine on floor 10 of Fire Mountain This is much easier said than done. Even though the new volcanic zone only ten floors, the difficulty spike is much greater than that of the mines. Expect a lot of fire and some very resilient enemies to stand in your way. Along the way though, be sure to complete side quests like the Pirate’s Locket to unlock more interesting stuff. Anyway, let’s get back on track.

Make your way through the ten floors of heck and find the machine at the top of the volcano.

How to Forge Items

Forging and enchanting in Stardew Valley is fairly straightforward, but you need to have some very specific items on hand to do it. For each class of item, you need a specific item to improve it.

How to Forge and Enchant Items in Stardew Valley 1.5

but does require having specific materials to do. To enchant you items you need to put the following into the enchantment machine:

You need to place three items into the machine to enchant them.

  1. Item (Tool or Weapon).
  2. Gems (Forging) and Prismatic Shards (Enchanting)
  3. Cinder Shards are used for combining Rings (Found from enemy drops and other sources in Fire Mountain)

Place the items you wish to improve into the machine along with the required materials and you can begin. You will get various options to enchant in a  variety of ways depending on the item being enchanted. Read Journal Scrap #8 for more details on what kinds of enchantments can be applied.

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Types of Enchantments

The enchantments are random, but some of them are very powerful. Tool enchantments will differ from weapon ones, with fools focusing on getting better drops and the like. Weapon enchantments often focus on dealing better damage. Keep in mind that you can stack both a Forging effect and an Enchantment on weapons, tools can be enchanted the one time.

Weapon Enchantments

  • Artful: Increases the speed of special attacks.
  • Bug Killer: Increases the damage dealt to bug-type enemies.
  • Vampiric: Allows for minor healing when you damage a monster.
  • Crusader: Increases the damage dealt to unholy-type enemies.
  • Haymaker: Increases Fiber and Hay drops from Weeds.

Tool Enchantments

  • Powerful: Do more tool damage to Stones and Trees with the tool, working through them faster.
  • Reaching: Increases your charge-up capacity, for a greater area of effect.
  • Shaving: Increases Wood drops from chopping Trees.
  • Bottomless: Makes the watering can infinite.
  • Generous: More drops can be obtained through digs.
  • Archeologist: Increases the chance to get bones and artifacts from drops.
  • Efficient: The tool no longer consumes Energy to use.
  • Swift: Swing the tool faster.
  • Master: Better fishing chances by default
  • Auto-Hook: Automatically hooks fish when they bite.
  • Preserving: Bait and tackle have a 50% chance of not being consumed when used.
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