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Bless Unleashed Class Levels Guide

Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed class levels are a big part of Bandai Namco’s new MMORPG. The new game has a ton of different systems involved. The system is built around gaining experience as you play the game. Players that use the various class abilities will earn skill experience, or SXP to level up their Bless Unleashed class levels. These class levels are pretty well combined with the various vendor systems in the game. Players turn their SXP into the Skill Point merchant to earn Skill Points. Players will be able to use Skill Points to purchase a number of items, like unique consumables, from the various merchants around the game.

Players will earn batches of the XP as they play the game. You can also earn these XP bundles and other special rewards as part of the daily logins. Keep checking back in with the game every day to earn more stellar rewards.

Class Levels Explained

The class level system in the game is unlocked once you basically complete the tutorial. First, you must defeat Gideon in the Nightspire, players will unlock the class level system after completing another quest gotten from an NPC in the main city. Speak to Sperios and grab the Class quest to begin the process. Your Bless Unleashed class levels will be unlocked after completing that second task.

The abilities are unlocked with some basic starter options, but can be improved a bunch over time. Players will trade in their SXP to alter their build and choose their favorite abilities. Each class of the game will have some starter abilities as well as gaining more moves over time. Bandai Namco will likely alter these over time. So be sure to check in and grab more details as they come out.

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  • Righteous Vigor: Critical hits heal a percentage of damage.
  • Flawless Stance: Guard Gauge total increase.


  • Shattering Blows: Increases Critical Damage.
  • Axe Mastery: Increases in Attack Power.


  • Heavy Draw: Increase in attack power.
  • Falcon’s Sight: Increased Critical Chance


  • Arcane Mastery: Increases in Attack Power and Critical Damage.
  • Mana Buffer: Reduction in damage taken.


  • Inquisitor’s Instincts: Attack Power Increase
  • Divine Protection: Increased HP and Armor

As you get more and more into the game, you will unlock more options to use in combat. Feel free to experiment and bring about some new powers to bear on your enemies. You can unlock some really interesting combos.

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