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All Nightwave Series 3 Glassmaker rewards in Warframe

Glassmaker Enemy

The introduction of the new Nightwave Series 3 has brought with it a replacement for the previous Intermission grind. Players will find that the new set of Daily and Weekly tasks can be completed for Standing, which will gain ranks within the new Glassmaker event. The new story and murder mystery mechanics are pretty cool too, but we know you’re here to find out what the Glassmaker rewards are.

Each Nightwave task, like the Heavy Ordnance Challenge, rewards a certain amount of Standing within the new event. Players will slowly grind their way through the Standing ranks from 1 to 30, earning rewards for hitting each rank. You can find the full Glassmaker rewards listed below. There are more than 30 ranks, but you only get unique rewards for ranks up to level 30.

Down below you will find all of the rewards for each rank within the Nightwave series that’s going on. Players can choose to also buy certain rewards from the rewards pool with Crystal Credits, which function the same way as the Intermission Creds from the last series. So whether you want some extra weapon slots, a bundle of Kuva, or whatever else piques your interest, it’s there for the taking.

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You also earn 50 Crystal Credits, which can spent in the Credit Offerings tab, after each rank beyond that. So if you’re looking to max out all of your Glassmaker rewards, that’s how you do it.

Rank Standing Reward
1 10000 150 Crystal Credits
2 20000 Glassmaker Sigil
3 30000 Weapon Slots x 2
4 40000 Glassmaker Emblem
5 50000 Boolean Sugatra
6 60000 50 Crystal Credits
7 70000 Deadly Maneuvers Mod
8 80000 3 Forma
9 90000 Neura Kubrow Gene-Masking Kit
10 100000 Cogna Earpiece Operator cosmetic
11 110000 Orokin Reactor
12 120000 50 Crystal Credits
13 130000 20,000 Kuva
14 140000 Melee Riven Mod
15 150000 Cogna Oculus Operator cosmetic
16 160000 50 Crystal Credits
17 170000 Exilus Adapter
18 180000 Neura Kavat Gene-Masking Kit
19 190000 Heuris Polearm Skin
20 200000 Dizzying Rounds Mod
21 210000 50 Crystal Credits
22 220000 Cogna Mask Operator cosmetic
23 230000 Precision Strike mod
24 2400000 50 Crystal Credits
25 2500000 3 Forma
26 2600000 Umbra Forma
27 2700000 Warframe slot
28 2800000 Boolean Syandana
29 2900000 Frakta Should Guard
30 3000000 Nightwave Landing Craft

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