How to equip skills in Marvel’s Avengers

How to equip skills in Marvel’s Avengers

As you play through the game, you will unlock various skills in Marvel’s Avengers for all of your favorite heroes. You can bash foes repeatedly with strings of attacks, and even stitch together combos for big damage. There are many different attack options, so feel free to experiment.

To equip skills, open the character menu by hitting the Menu button on your Xbox One controller, or the touchpad on PlayStation 4 controller. Tab over to the skills menu and see what skills your hero has on offer.

There are four types of skills for each character, Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Ranged Attack, and Intrinsic Abilities. Each one offers their own unique spin on offense, and possibly some defensive buffs as well. When you’re inside the menu for a hero, you can see what these bonuses are by looking over each icon. You will also want to take note of the inputs listed for each skill. Every skill and attack in the game has its own set of inputs that’s required to use it. You will want to memorize these as soon as you can.

For example, Iron Man has trees for Repulsors, Lasers, Rockets and Melee attacks. Each skill in these sections can be previewed in the Skills sub-menu in the character screen. Each hero also has their own unique choices in this menu. You will notice your available skill points in the upper-right of the menu, with the stats along the top that will show you how each skill alters your abilities.

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How to earn skill points

Skill points in Marvel’s Avengers are always earned by leveling up your active character. This means you have a maximum number of skill points that can be used, and you need to build your heroes properly. Giving them too much health and not enough offense can be disastrous in later levels. You will notice that each character has their own unique skill trees as well.

As you deal with enemies and complete missions, you will earn XP for the active hero. As you earn more XP, you go up in Hero Level. Most XP will be gained from just playing the game.

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