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When does the Pokémon Go Battle League season 2 start?

Pokemon Go Battle League

With Niantic finally adding organized and ranked PvP to Pokémon Go with the introduction of the Battle League, players jumped into the fray and began taking on all challengers. The first season rotation wraps in a matter of days, with players gearing up for the next round of trainer battles coming soon. When Season 1 ends on April 30, players should get ready to jump right back in during May, as Pokémon Go Battle League season 2 kicks off right away.

And just like the first round, players have a choice when and where they want to compete. Pokémon Go Battle League season 2 will allow players to come in at any entry-level, assuming their team is up to snuff. Those wishing to compete in season 2 should be deciding on their compositions now, as when the Great League kicks off, things will be moving very quickly. The Great league, Ultra league, and Master league all run for two weeks each, and go in the same order as the first season.

Pokémon Go Battle League season 2 begins the same way that the first season did, with each self-contained tier within the League running for about 15 days starting next month. Here’s the schedule for the next season, which begins next month:

  • Great league: May 1 to 15
  • Ultra league: May 15 to 29
  • Master league: May 29 to June 12

Each 2 week period within the season has both their own rules, as well as CP caps. This is done so that hardcore players don’t dominate more casual players. The Great League is the entry-level, with a CP cap of 1,500, meaning all your team members must be beneath this level for you to compete. The next step up is the Ultra League with a cap of 2,500 CP. Master league, however, removes the restrictions and lets you bring out anything from your roster, including the legendary Pokémon. This is where Trainers go to test their true grit.

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Niantic has also implemented some new features to make things a bit easier on players. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, players now have the option of competing remotely by qualifying for league battles without having to walk around their towns. Also, the formal leaderboards for each league are now up and running, so it’s easier to track your ranking and progress within each league.

Niantic has yet to reveal any other details beyond the dates and other minor elements yet. The company has not announced what the rewards will be for Pokémon Go Battle League season 2. Looking back to the last league, players received various rewards based on the Leagues they competed in and how well they did.

The rewards ranged from having the chance to encounter rare Pokémon after winning fights, to getting various unique items that could give you a serious power boost. Exclusive commemorative items were handed out to some players who did well enough to rank highly in season one as well. Charged TMs that were extremely useful for hitting hard with power moves were one such example of the rewards from the first round.

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