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What Maps to Shape in Path of Exile 3.7 Legion?

Path of Exile Legion

Path of Exile has a long and endlessly repeatable endgame.  This makes it the perfect ARPG for anyone looking for a challenge in both mechanical depth and actual gameplay skill. There are multiple layers to the endgame too. There’s the Atlas of Worlds Maps, then there’s the infinite depths of the Delve. And within just those two systems lies infinite customization, challenge and rewards.

We’re going to focus on one of the more late-game aspects of the Atlas of Worlds today, you can take a look at our more complete Mapping and Atlas guide for Legion if you want a basic primer of how the whole system works.

The Shaper is a powerful boss that at one point was the true endgame of POE. Introduced in the 2.4 Atlas of Worlds expansion, he completely changed what it meant to play the game, and his influence is still felt today, even as players have long-since bested him.

One particular layer of the new mechanics surrounding Shaper is the Shaper’s Orb and “Shaping” Maps.

Shaping, What is it?

Shaping is a special process that’s an integral part of the endgame process for Path of Exile. Using special drops called Shaper Orbs, which are dropped after completing center Tiers of Map. Each Tier of Shaper Orb will reconfigure a corresponing Map on the Atlas, essentially pushing it five Tiers higher into the drop pool. This means that

Check below for a guide to see what Maps drop what Tier Shaper Orb. Keep in mind that after Tier 7 Shaper Orbs, you need multiple pieces to assemble the future Tiers.

 Memory Fragment  Found in Tier Tier Altered  Notes
 1 6 1
 2 7 2
 3 8 3
 4 9 4
 5 10 5
 6 11 6
 7 12 7
 8 13 8 (Part 1)
 9 Red Elder 8 (Part 2) Occupied by the Enslaver.
 10 14 9 (Part 1)
 11 Red Elder 9 (Part 2) Occupied by the Eradicator.
 12 Red Elder 9 (Part 3) Occupied by the Constrictor.
 13 15 10 (Part 1)
 14 Red Elder 10 (Part 2) Occupied by the Purifier.
 15 Elder 10 (Part 3) Occupied by the Elder.
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Some players Shape Maps based on how linear they are, meaning how quick they are to complete. Some will Shape a Map because it has a chance to drop a rare item, like Burial Chambers and The Doctor Divination Card. If you’re running a Magic Find build, you may want to consider that latter aspect. However most players use a combination of familiarity with the map layout, ease of play for their particular build, and what they enjoy as a value basis for Maps they Shape.

That said, here’s my personal recommendations for Maps to Shape in Legion League:

What Maps to Shape:

  • Tier 1 – Desert or Haunted Mansion (Linear)
  • Tier 2 – Alleyways, Glacier (Linear)
  • Tier 3 –  Arid Lake, Leyline (Linear)
  • Tier 4 – Beach, Channel (Linear)
  • Tier 5 –  Jungle Valley (Linear), Fungal Hollow, Burial Chambers (Farming)
  • Tier 6 – Atoll (Linear), Mud Geyser (Farming)
  • Tier 7 – Waterways (Farming), Graveyard (Linear)
  • Tier 8 – Estuary (Farming), Dunes, Toxic Sewer (Linear)
  • Tier 9 – Underground Sea (Farming)
  • Tier 10 – Lava Chamber, Bog (Linear) Temple, Bazaar (Farming)
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