What do Tickets to Impossible Destinations in Destiny 2 do?

Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

As you’re playing through the various events in Destiny 2, you might notice a bunch of random loot. And we’re not talking about the mess of candy confectionary, or the massive pile of new Halo-themed weapons. There’s so much more. The little things are what tends to fly underneath the radar and escape notice. And anytime something new lands in the game, players rush to figure it out.

With the case of the Tickets to Impossible Destinations in Destiny 2, players are a little confused.  Its description reads as “These appear to be tickets to a vacation destination that exists in several realities at once”,  which doesn’t explain much of anything. For now though, we don’t really know what these things do. Some sources speculate they could be connected to certain NPCs or factions, but nothing from Bungie has confirmed this.

You can find the ones you have collected in your Inventory screen, along with any other gathered items. These won’t take up too much space, and you might want to hang onto them. Why? Because Bungie loves to spring things on players that use old items or mechanics. Maybe this is the one time where you let that inner packrat loose and keep these Tickets for the future.

How to get Tickets To Impossible Destinations

If you’re curious about how to get your hands on the Tickets To Impossible Destinations, players are reporting that they’re dropping after completing bounties for Starhorse. This is a core part of the 30th anniversary event, and is how you get your hands on the new Forerunner Catalyst, as well as a mountain of other rewards.

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