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How to get Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2

Wintersday 2021

Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2 are integral to the various events and rewards from the Wintersday 2021 events. Each event hands out various rewards, and there’s a lot to keep track of. Wintersday Gifts contain all manner of items. You could get the other components for the Wintersday achievements, which is great. Players could also get a small mountain of crafting materials as uncommon and rare drops too.

How to get Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2

The best way to get them is just to buy them for Karma. You can also buy them from the many Charity Corp Seraph NPCs around the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. They range in price from 700 to 3,500 Karma. Other than that, there are a few other sources for them. In fact, just doing the events around Divinity’s Reach is probably the best thing you can do.

The various events often reward Wintersday Gifts. One of the best is the jumping puzzle. The Magnificent Chest at the end of each of the three routes gives you various rewards. You can get eight, 10, or 12 Wintersday Gifts depending on the difficulty you chose.

The Wintersday Reward Track is a great source of rewards, including gifts. In addition to a mountain of the gift boxes, you can get Shards of Glory and Tomes of Knowledge, great for high-level crafting.

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Check the Festive Trees

Each main city across the game has a tree inside its main zone. That tree will be decorated with snowflakes and other festive items. Each day, you can claim various rewards by interacting with it.

Festive Dolyaks

Festive Dolyaks are running around the game map, and you can find them all over. They are directly involved in event quests as well. The Dolyaks drop giant blue presents These Dropped Presents are presents dropped by Festive Dolyaks during the delivery of gifts. These chests can be found during the related event quest, and can give you Wintersday Gifts.

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