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Total War: Warhammer 2 – The Hunter & The Beast DLC announced

Total War: Warhammer 2 – The Hunter & The Beast DLC announced

Being the current mainline Warhammer game in the strategy vain, and one of the best Total War titles in quite a while, Total War: Warhammer 2 is getting plenty of support from the developers, as well as love from fans. And a big part of that is the consistent pace of new DLC and patches for the strategy title.

The biggest change with this DLC is the full introduction of the Empire as a major faction. Players will finally get to control the warriors of Sigmar’s domain in Total War: Warhammer 2‘s main campaign.

Markus Wulfhart is the main leader of this new faction,  bringing with him a ton of new mechanics and units. The biggest gameplay tweak with this new hero unit is the Emperor’s Mandate. This allows Markus to use his victories in battle to grow his personal fame, causing more powerful units to flock to his banner and fight for his goals.

The Hunter & The Beast DLC will also add the largest playable unit in Total War: Warhammer 2. The Dread Saurian comes to the field of battle, bringing with it destruction and doom. More units also join the fight such as Empire Huntsmen, War Wagon, Kroxigor Ancients, and the Razordon Hunting Pack.

Check out the trailer for the DLC down below.

The new DLC pack will of course introduce a ton of new mechanics, as well as doing away with old systems in favor of more streamlined replacements. A lot of the changes focus on the Empire and the surrounding factions, with a bunch of new additions in terms of mechanics, map changes and minor factions. Some reworks to the Old World factions are also being rolled into the patch.

The free update that comes along with Total War: Warhammer 2‘s The Hunter & The Beast DLC will get rid of promotions for Empire officers, replacing the system with a series of new political positions, 13 in total. Said update also introduces the Lizardmen’s Gor-Rok as a new Lord. A new province (Solland) which is south of the Empire’s territories, will be implemented too.

Total War: Warhammer II‘s The Hunter & The Beast DLC/Lords Pack will be available on September 11th. It’s currently priced at $8.99 and you can find it via the Steam store page. You can also take a look at the official blog for the game to find out more details.

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