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Check out nearly 30 minutes of Dying Light 2 footage

Dying Light 2

Techland has become well-known for a variety of high-quality games featuring zombies and open worlds. Dying Light was simply the latest in a string of excellent adventures starring a unique cast of characters battling hordes of the undead. The big draw compared with their previous effort in Dead Island is that Dying Light blended free running and parkour mechanics into the core of the new game franchise. And with the sequel fast approaching, gamers are about to hop back in.

The full game will feature improved visuals and a larger play area thanks to innovations from the C-Engine, a new generation of Techland’s in-house game engine. Part of this push for higher graphical fidelity domes down to better backend tech aside from the engine as well. For instance,  the game will support real-time ray tracing effects, according to NVIDIA.

And like the previous game and DLC, we’re going to get a full open-world experience augmented by a variety of gameplay elements. The loot-a-thon of upgradable gear returns for starters. And we can also expect to see the special infected which are made all the more dangerous by the inclusion of the day to night cycle.

But the undead hordes aren’t the only threat out there. The story is sure to reveal more dangerous and dastardly foes than we’re used to seeing in these zombie titles. The story will also adjust to player choices, so be careful about the decisions you make. Gamers will have to be on their best parkour game if they want to survive.

Check out the full footage down below. Dying Light 2 is set for an early 2020 launch on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One, with releases for next-generation consoles after that.

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