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Phantasy Star Online 2: NEW GENESIS Gets New Trailers

Phantasy Star Online 2: NEW GENESIS

SEGA has announced that the latest entry in the Phantasy Star Online 2 universe, Phantasy Star Online 2: NEW GENESIS, will be coming to the PC in 2021. The new game will be combined with the base version of PSO2, so NEW GENESIS will share a playerbase with the rest of the game.

With newly redone areas, more content, and a whole new look, this is basically an expansion for PSO2. And because this release is making the jump to the Xbox Series X, it’s getting an all-new look by being rendered with a new engine too. There will also be new additions to the character creation suite, adding more options for when players make a new avatar.

The biggest change though is that SEGA is shifting the game into a more open-world structure. This makes it more akin to a singleplayer RPG in feel, given vast areas to explore. Typically MMOs that try this have vast swathes with nothing to do, hopefully, there’s plenty of content between the main areas to keep players hunting for new secrets in the untamed wilds.

The open world will also have randomly spawned world bosses as well, complete with a more complex battle system that makes it much more engaging for veteran PSO2 players.

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SEGA has also released two trailers, totaling about five minutes of footage, showing off the new content in rapid-fire style.

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