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Streets of Rage 4 DLC is still in the works

How to unlock all characters in Streets of Rage 4

The release of new Streets of Rage 4 DLC is still on the way. This is a delight to fans that wanted to see more of the redone brawler. With enough of a pedigree from the previous games already powering it up, this new sequel has made quite the dent. With the glitzy new visuals and a refreshing cast, there’s plenty to enjoy. but eventually, players will want something more to keep them coming back.

The announcement of Streets of Rage 4 DLC was revealed during an AMA on Reddit a few months ago, setting the tone for a major dump of new content. The game already has a huge number of levels and playable characters, and the DLC is looking to expand that. The biggest new addition of new and old characters will bring some very interesting twists to the already completely nuts sequel. There were original plans to bring the DLC to the game sooner, but that hasn’t happened yet.

There is currently no firm release date for Streets of Rage 4 DLC, which does kind of stink. There have been obvious delays involved behind the scenes as the team deal with the mess that is 2020. It’s likely that the schedules aren’t lining up too well, thanks COVID-19. As for the full reason, we don’t really know, but we can make some guesses.

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The game has been about for a few months now, and it’s been pretty quiet on the DLC front, so finally getting confirmation that it’s happening is good news enough, I guess.

This announcement, and the seeming delay, are likely to get some amount of nonsense and backlash—but we will just have to deal. To offset any negativity, the developer came out with a feelgood statement. DotEmu said in its tweet to fans “You guys are awesome and deserve the best so give us time to do things right.”

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