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Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 3 Launches April 17

Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 3 Launches April 17

Developer of the excellent racing-sports hybrid title, Rocket League, have revealed the next season of additional content and challenges for the game. This is the third batch of this content that’s been released, so it’s fittingly called Rocket Pass 3.

Since Rocket League debuted in 2015, it has been pushing out new content and features pretty reliably. One particular update that dropped a few months ago that drastically changed the game, creating both a free and paid tier to the future content updates in the game. A new progression system with more than 75 levels would allow players to unlock a huge variety of vehicles and customization options. Gamers earn XP by simply playing the game, with multiple limited-time and seasonal events offering bonus XP and tons of new unlockables.

The racing game also got cross-platform play in a recent update, allowing players to play together in various game modes regardless of what platform each individual player was on.

And this new update keeps that trend of adding a mountain of new content going.

In terms of what’s included in this newest Rocket Pass, it’s impressively deep. As you level up through the tiers, you’ll unlock up to 70 unique items. These range from new wheels to XP boosts to the new Guardian Battle-Car.

The major method to unlock these new items is built on completing challenges. There are many different options, and they rotate constantly, featuring goals like “Get 5 Saves, Assists, or Goals in Casual Mode” or “Play an Online Match with the Guardian Battle-Car”. This mix of challenges also rotates weekly. One other important tidbit is the difference between free and paid players. Paid players get a total of six weekly challenges all at once, while free players working their way through get three.

Check out the trailer for this new batch of content down below. Rocket League’s Rocket Pass 3 launches on April 17th on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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