Rocket League gets a NFL Superbowl LV Celebration next week

Here's everything we know about the Rocket League NFL Superbowl LV Celebration Event

Psyonix has announced a new in-game event for Rocket League in partnership with the NFL; the event is called the Superbowl LV Celebration event. The event will run from February 2 to February 8, and during that time Rocket League fans get a new game mode. The new game mode, of course, ties into American Football.

The new 4×4 game mode called Gridiron mode is a competitive affair where teams try to score with a more unique form of ball. Instead of the normal ball between two goals, the LTM uses a unique ball that attaches to the ceiling of the car when hit. Players then have to scramble to run it to their respective goal before being rammed by another car. What follows is a confusing mess of “tackles” as cars ram each other to death.

But it’s not just the ball movement that’s changed in this event. Players also score points in different ways too. When you manage to get the ball to your goal, you score 7 points. The ball can also roll into the goal, and scores 3 points for the team that knocks it in. Also, you can still use your speed boosts to cause a Demo on a goal.

Combined with the LTM, the Superbowl LV Celebration event also has challenges to complete, and cosmetics to earn. Players taking part can earn a special Gridiron Guru title by completing enough event challenges. The NFL has also supplied an NFL Fan pack of cosmetics with officially licensed decals for the teams involved this year. You can buy a pack with Octane Decals for all 32 NFL teams for 800 points if you wish.

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You can check out the details of the full mode on the developer’s blog. The NFL Superbowl LV Celebration runs in Rocket League from February 2 through to February 8 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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