Null Sec Sov Fights

PL And HERO Brawl over Final HED-GP Timer


The battle over the final timer for the HED-GP IHUB that was coming out of reinforced, PL was ready, as was HERO.  HERO was able to set dozens of bubbles on field around the PL forces as they landed on gird.  Locking them down so the HERO caps and their massive subcap force could engage.

The initial PL force was comprised mostly of Navy Apocs and triage carriers. The typical large numbers of subcaps fielded by HERO brought overwhelming force against PL, meaning they lost several triage carriers and had to try and withdraw to reorganize for a short time.  Especially after losing nearly 50 Navy Apocs.

A short time into the battle, Black Legion and Darkeshi joined the fighting on the side of HERO.

It looked as though PL may have left their hubris get the better of them.  As HERO and BL dealt damage in high volume the battle looked like it might turn into a HERO victory.

As the HERO tacklers and 600+ subcaps supported the HERO and BL caps, the first PL titan went down.

It was at this point that NC. was first spotted on field.  Shooting both PL and HERO at different points in the fight.  But primarily helping PL to overcome the combined HERO/BL forces.  As the battle raged on at least 60 PL titans were brought in.  This caused other entities like Black Legion to pile into the system, some to help HERO, some to shoot anything that moved..

From Darkeshi supers and Ishtar fleets to TEST Ishtars, and a fleet of Tengus from BL.  It seems everything but the kitchen sink had been thrown into the fight.

Even with the titan kill, the combined NC./PL force was too much for the limited HERO and BL caps on field.  As the incoming DPS overwhelmed reps, the caps began to slowly die to PL.  The loss of these necessary ships, even with support for HERO from other alliances, meant that the numbers advantage began to shrink.  And then PL and NC. began wiping caps and subcaps off the field.

At this point, both the majority of HERO forces and the BL supercaps left the fight.  Apparently leaving the system to a skirmish between the still bubbled PL titans and a mix of caps and subcaps from various groups.

At the peak of the battle, over 1600 players had been in system, with representatives from every major SOV holding entity on field. Other groups formed roaming gangs and gate camps in system.

Estimated losses for the fight stand at over 200 Billion ISK at the time of writing.

As the battle drew to a close, BL and Darkeshi remained the sole aggressors to P?L/NC. on field.  But as BL pulled out, Darkeshi was left in the awkward situation of being against an entity they ware blue to, and fighting PL.

PL and NC moved assets to hold the gate and attempted to catch enemy forces trying to exit.  Forcing most capitals from opposing forces to cyno out.

The final result of the battle is that PL ultimately maintains it’s foothold in HED-GP, and further serves to cut HERO’s supply line into Catch.

VERY ROUGH BATTLE REPORT  (Will be updated when better one is available)

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