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Total War Saga: Troy will be free at launch on the Epic Games Store

Total War Saga: Troy

Those who have sat on the franchise will soon have a good reason to give it a shot. A Total War Saga: Troy tells the tale of the Trojan War, allowing you to step in the fragile heels of Achilles. Other figures of legend are also available, such as Hector, Agamemnon, and more. The game focuses on the siege of Troy that took place during 1260 to 1180 BC — of course. However, in the game you can side with either the Trojans or the Achaeans, either to defend the city or see it destroyed. And you’ll be able to do it without spending a dime.

The Total War series has been plugging away at various historical periods for some time. A Total War Saga: Troy is now the latest smaller-scale title to come to the series. Creative Assembly has been focusing on smaller games with different historical periods for some time. A Total War Saga has also covered Britain in the early middle ages too. And it looks like the newest game will be exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

The release will cover the period of the Trojan War. A time of myth and legends, made famous bu the legendary Achilles. And with this new period running from 1260 to 1180 BC, there’s going to be some changes. This is a time in warfare when infantry ruled. Cavalry was used sparingly, and it will be replaced with infantry units in A Total War Saga: Troy. Instead of relying on Cavalry to flank, much faster light infantry units swing around formations while heavier units pin down medium and heavy infantry. The game will also feel very familiar to fans of Total War: Warhammer, with plenty of hero units and similar visuals.

Check out the trailer for the game down below, depicting one of the great legends of the battle between Achilles and Hector. Being based around Homer’s The Iliad, there’s going to be plenty of mythical creatures and heroes knocking about as well.

The move to the Epic Games Store is a bit weird, given that the game was originally announced for Steam last year. At the very least though, the game will be offered for free for a short period. If you manage to grab it for the first 24 hours after it launches, the game will be free. A Total War Saga: Troy will launch for free as an Epic Games Store exclusive on August 13.

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