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fan-made Battletech expansion launches lore-friendly mechs

BattleTech publishes 1.10 update

Fans of blasting giant robots to pieces found their dream video game in in Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech. And even though the game has a ton of content and an expansive story mode, the game can just plain get better. Battletech Extended 3025 is the name of a new mod to drop into the warzone which adds even more cool content.

That content largely focuses on pushing BattleTech deeper into meshing with the incredible and massive amount of lore that the tabletop game is based on. The tabletop games use a ton of mechs, weapons, planets factions and other backdrop to create an incredibly rich and engaging universe, and the PC game only uses a smidgen of this great content to build its world. And with the addition of this new mod, the lore from the source material just became a helluva lot more important.

This mod mostly adds a ton of mechs, vehicles and variants, including new mechs you haven’t seen elsewhere that are all Lore compliant for 3025,” reads the Nexus Mods description. One area which changes heavily is the addition of faction-compliant mech rosters. Factions will now use giant robots that make sense with their backstory. And since the PC game uses a very specific period of technology from the source material, this mod does a wonderful job of making the game more challenging and immersive.

The mod is constructed with a ton of different mods which main author TheHaribo tweaked and compiled together to make things easier. Instead of installing a bunch of disparate mods, users can use this one collection to make the lore of BattleTech much more faithful. Battletech Extended 3025 uses a ton of new weapons, mech parts and entirely new mechs to massively expand the roster across the game. There are 67 new mechs in total. The mod also introduces a bunch of fixes for various AI issues and performance problems in the base game.

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You can grab it here, where you’ll also find installation instructions.

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