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Ooblets details new DLC with Nullwhere Region, and more coming soon

Ooblets' Nullwhere Region DLC Announced

Ooblets‘ Nullwhere Region DLC is the next content update planned for the cutesy game. Glumberland has revealed some very interesting details about the new content, including both some seasonal events and a new region to explore. Glumberland’s plans for the beautiful little monster-hunting sim Ooblets includes the new Nullwhere Region, Halloween celebrations, and a proper launch in 2021.

According to the developers, there will be “some sort of small Halloween event, like a scavenger hunt” for players to take part in for the month of October.  Then, in December, the Wildlands Update will bring another new region to the game called the Wildlands. This newly created area has some hidden treasures and more to uncover, as well as plenty more ooblets.

The big new expansion will come with the Ooblets‘ Nullwhere Region DLC, which is due out with the v0.4 Nullwhere Update. The new region has tons of new recipes and items to find and unlock, but that’s only the start. New uncommon and gleamy versions of a bunch of ooblets will also be found in this new zone. So if you’re in the market for some new monsters, then is the perfect time to hop back into the game.

And when the game finally does launch into its full version you can expect to see many new and expanded elements. The developer has said that eventually they plan to add a “bunch of small lore items written out but not implemented” among many other planned additions. 2021 and beyond will see a storm of new content with the Port Forward update leading the way. The new patch will bring in a new Region, along with new clothes, furniture, and decor options.

To close out the announcement, the development team took the time to congratulate Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser, the co-founders of the studio, who are having their first child soon.

“Rebecca is the hardest-working, smartest, and most capable person I know, so if anyone can juggle having a baby and making a major video game, it’s her,” said Wasser in the announcement. “That said, we’re not going to push ourselves past any limits. Our family and wellbeing come first and we hope you’ll all be understanding about any effects this might have.”

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