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Novaquark releases new documentary video giving fans a peek behind-the-scenes of Dual Universe

Dual Universe

Go behind the scenes of the creation of Dual Universe’s style-defying sci-fi soundtrack. Join Maxime Ferrieu, Novaquark Audio Lead and Composer, as he takes us on an insightful journey behind the curtain to see how the real work is done.

The new video is pretty short and to the point, offering some basic insight into how the musical score and other effects for the game were designed and implemented in Dual Universe. The ambient music and other sounds are being crafted to mesh well with the game worlds and aid in immersion, which is exactly what Novaquark is aiming for in building their grand MMO.

Check out the full video down below. Dual Universe recently entered the next stage of development as it finally fulfilled a major goal, getting the game to a state where a public Alpha was possible. That means that the game is now open to all Kickstarter backers for play. The company also just wrapped up it’s longest open testing period to date this past week. Players took to the stars in-game and flexed their creative muscle. From building massive fleets of starships, entire planet settlements, and even an intergalactic representation of one of Earth’s most recognizable fast food joints, this community has really shown their dedication for the game.

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