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Can you create custom wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

Can you create wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

With the rather flopped launch of the latest WWE 2K series game, WWE 2K21, there has been no real push to continue the franchise. 2K has all but put the simulation games on ice after fans rightfully lashed out over the incredibly buggy launch. And now all wrestling fans have to contend with the more arcade-style offered by games like WWE 2K Battleground.

This new game offers a much more accessible style of game with cartoony visuals, a stripped-down roster, and more insanely over-the-top moves. Although the game is pared back compared to the mainline sims, this new title does have some meat on its bones. The core focus of this guide, custom wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, does get some attention.

Players will be able to complete custom wrestlers in the game, with a bit of work. You can alter entrances, select hair and clothes styles and more with this creative suite. It’s lacking more complex move creators and scenario suites, but it does have something to offer fans looking to make their own creations. You could even use it to create rough approximations of superstars that aren’t in the game yet. The game also has a major grind involved when it comes to unlocknig the full roster. You have to play through normal matches and the campaign to unlock the whole roster. The campaign itself features the player taking on the role of a rookie getting recruited by McMahon an Heyman as they rebuild the brand.

Check out the video guide for making custom characters down below.

You need to spend in-game currency to make a new wrestler with all the options., so be prepared to grind out some matches if you want to do a bunch. Each character can be manipulated in a few different ways. You can either use the basic options or pay some cash in-game for some premium options as well.

Mainline WWE games have had plenty of depth to their character creators over the years. The games have been really open in terms of what you could create. If you wanted to mimic superstars from bygone eras that weren’t in the game, you could do that.

The new game is much more restrictive. The options for customization are good, but nowhere near as extensive as the other games. Players may be kind of disappointed that they can’t full recreate an older star. Or if you just wanted to make a huge monster, that option’s gone as well. You can still alter a bunch of stuff, just not as much in the main games.

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Here’s how each item you can change when making any custom wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds:

  • Gender: Choose any of these to alter the gender of your new wrestler.
  • Fighting Class: You can pick from five types: High-Flyer, Technician, All-Rounder, Brawler, and Powerhouse. The type you pick here informs the wider moveset.
  • Body Type: You can alter the level of the musculature of your characters, although you can’t go to crazy.
  • Height: Your heights go from 5’4 to 6’7. so no freakishly tall custom wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.
  • Body Features: This is the most customizable option so far, as you have a ton of color choices, These can be used to alter skin and other physical features by type and color.
  • Head Shape: You can complete alter the size and shape of various facial features.
  • Vanity: This category includes various clothing types – glasses, contacts, masks, hats, pants, shirts, suits, and shoes. The more obnoxious options will usually cost some in-game currency though.
  • Accessories: You can add tattoos, face paint and more on this menu. There will also be clothing addons here.
  • Taunts and Finishers: Like Fortnite, you can equip emotes to tease opponents, but in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, you also stylize how moves are done.
  • Drop Pods: Instead of walking into the arena, you’ll be touching down via a space pod. The character creator includes some interesting choices, such as coffins, trash cans, and disco ball pods.
  • Name/Alias:  The name can be anything you want, while the Alias is the name you get announced when you enter a match. The nicknames you pick here will not be customizable.
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