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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Coming Out in May

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So remember that disc-less Xbox console we’ve been talking about for months now? Well according to a new report from Windows Central, rumors are circulating that the thing finally has a release date. The general feeling has been that the console would come out in May 2019, a more specific date for the new console’s release has now been unveiled as part of this new report.

The rumors now swirl that the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will launch on May 7, 2019. There’s also hints that the console will drop worldwide in all supported regions at the same time. The timing is pretty interesting, with E3 2019 happening about 30 days after this supposed launch day, we can expect to see some potential new promotions at Microsoft’s press events. We can probably expect some kind of confirmation within the next few weeks as we get nearer to that launch date. So if you’re looking forward to this, keep your fingers crossed until then and check back with us.

For those somehow not in the know, here’s the general idea of this new console. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will not feature a typical disc drive, but will instead be driven by digital distribution methods. Gamers can still buy digital download codes for games from retailers, or buy them on the Microsoft store directly on the console or a PC, but there’s no installing of discs to the console.

Of course for gamers with limited bandwidth or slow connections, this platform isn’t really an option, but for anyone that can take advantage of it, it’s a nice thing to have. The 1 TB HDD does concern me though, as it’s very easy to fill up that amount of space with just a few modern games. No price point has been revealed, but it’s being reported that the console will be bundled with digital download codes for Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, and Minecraft.

Based on the prices of current console bundles, which include some of those same games, we’d expect around a $200 price tag, with the inclusion of the free games, we may see a $249 bundle. Although none of this is confirmed. I personally wish they would have sprung for a larger HDD, but oh well.

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If you’d like to grab an Xbox One S instead of waiting for the launch of the new disc-less variant, go do that here.

What’s your take on the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition? Let me know down in the comments.

Source: Windows Central

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