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Madden 23 FieldSense debuts in new trailer, game out August

Madden 23

We already know a few details about the upcoming rehash of the Madden franchise, things are starting to get interesting. One day after EA Sports officially confirmed that the late John Madden would be making a return to the cover of the Madden games, we have a new trailer. Madden 23 received its first gameplay trailer this week, showing off new details of a system called Madden 23 FieldSense.

Madden and other sports franchises have been an annual fixture in video games for years now. And with the new version each year, often comes new mechanics. And this new entrant is a pretty big shift. Taking cues from the previous QB vision and other changes, EA has something new in the mix. The new FieldSense mechanic is based on the idea that the player wants more granular control over how to respond to the changing conditions of a play. The crux of the system is that when combined with more realistic animations, players will see their teams react in a more realistic way to how each play goes.

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The downside is that these more advanced physics will be exclusive to certain versions. Even though Madden 23’s Fieldsense system won’t be available for those who only own past-gen consoles and/or PC, the PS4 and Xbox One will receive a version of the game. Just expect a more classic feel to animations and the like.

Additionally, Madden 23 will see the introduction of Skill Based Passing, a tuned passing mechanic that per EA, will give a bit more control over passing accuracy for throwing passes.

Madden 23 will be released in August for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC. Madden 23, as of June 2022, will not be receiving a Nintendo Switch version.

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