How to Complete Onix’s Mighty Leap in New Pokémon Snap

How to Complete Onix's Mighty Leap in New Pokémon Snap

There are 214 new Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap, and finding them all won’t be very easy. Lentalk Requests are a special task that you complete by taking photos of certain Pokémon in certain poses as part of New Pokémon Snap. These quests are often a great way to find hidden Pokémon as well as tons of other secrets. Each zone in the game has some, which is true of the day and night variants. Onix’s Mighty Leap is one of many different Lentalk Requests in The Sands. There are plenty of other Lentalk Requests in this zone too. Some requests like Three Among Friends are pretty involved, others like Dancing with the Queen and For Whose Sake, involve some very specific setup.

How to Complete Onix’s Mighty Leap in New Pokémon Snap

  • Enter Sweltering Sands (Day) on Research Level 3.
  • Scan the path towards Tyranitar and take that path from the beginning.
  • Look to the right-hand side for the small tree, above that on the rocks, you will find two Mandibuzz, hit them with Fluffruit.
  • Immediately turn around and look for the third Mandibuzz on the rock above the Onix. Hit that one as well.
  • Turn around again, facing back the way you came.
  • Wait for the three  Mandibuzz to fly toward you and a huge Onix will jump out, snap a photo of it in the air.

You get this request from Phil and it will lead you to the Sweltering Sands. This area of Voluca Island is accessible during the Day, and that’s when you want to head in to complete the Lentalk Request. You need to have apples ready to throw as you need to set up some things involving an annoying flock of Mandibuzz.

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Start by scanning for the path near the start of the zone. Take the right-hand path that leads you towards the Tyranitar on the right. Ignore the Tyranitar and pay attention to the right side of the path. Look for the dead tree beneath the cliff face. There will be two Mandibuzz that you need to hit with Fluffruit to get to fly off. That takes care of the initial setup in part, but there’s one more Mandibuzz.

Onix's Mighty Leap

Look around to the left-hand side of the path for a third Mandibuzz that is perched on a tall rock. There will be an Onix directly underneath it to mark its location. Hit that one as well. That sends all three flying. The game will try to trick you here by having several Onix jump out of the sand, these smaller Onix are not the ones you want.

Once all three of them are in the air, you need to turn your camera around and face behind you. Once you see the three Mandibuzz flying up behind you, be ready. A rather large Onix will jump out of the ground. Get a nice centered photo of the jumping Pokémon and take it back to the Professor.

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