How to use the parachute in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition

How to take over territories in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition

The classic crime-action franchise, Grand Theft Auto, is getting a major re-release this week. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition will be a full remaster of the classic game. Live out the lives of Carl Johnson and the rest of the Grove St. crew. Can you take over Los Santos with such a meager beginning? Find out in this new remaster.

Many players loathed the parachutes in previous GTA games because they couldn’t figure out how to use them. Being somewhat old by modern standards, control schemes tended to be more confusing. This was OK at the time, but developers have wisened up, and simplified controls. And that makes all this so much easier.

Here are the controls, laid out by platform:

Action PC PlayStation Xbox
Open Fire Button (LMB) X A
Steer AD Left Joystick Left/Right Left Joystick Left/Right
Slow Descent S Left Joystick Down Left Joystick Down
Speed up Descent  W Left Joystick Up Left Joystick Up

You can now use these chutes to zip around the map in style, provided you had a plane to get up into the sky first. Once you get up there, you have to come down in some fashion. Plummeting into the earth at Mach Jesus would be kind of painful, even in a video game. So the parachute can offer a gentle glide to the ground.

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Be careful with this though, as you can technically use it to bypass forbidden zones. Heading into an area of the map you haven’t unlocked yet will instantly hit you with a full Wanted Level. You won’t live long after that. Also, don’t try to land in any restricted areas like military bases with this, you won’t last long. That is unless, you use the San Andreas Cheats, of course.

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