How to get a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

How to Get Smooth Basalt in Minecraft

There are a lot of dangers out in the worlds of Minecraft. Players have to face down the undead, giant spiders and perilous environs just to build a house. It’s not easy out here. Potions are a great way to increase a player’s chances of survival in the game. There are some that are actually incredibly useful. To actually make many of them, you need a ton of materials. For this reason, potions are often a highly specialized item that you wait a bit to make.

There are uses for many items like Blaze Powder and Gunpowder in potion-making. There is one item that’s used a lot in high-level potions, such as the Potion of Invisibility. Setting up a fully automated Nether Wart farm is huge for all of your potions. But for this guide, we’re going to focus on one specific item: Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft.

How to get a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

You will need two things to make this, aside from a basic crafting table. You need Sugar, Brown Mushroom and a Spider Eye. Each one has a specific source or spawn condition, keep reading to learn more.

How to get Sugar

Sugar can be found as canes growing out in the wild, next to water. Place a single stalk down on sand next to water, then let it grow. Chop off the top stalks of a grown stalk, leaving the base, and it will keep growing. Once you have Cane, place them in a crafting grid to get Sugar.

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How to get Spider Eyes

You can get a spider eye as a drop from dead spiders, try killing them in the daytime to get some. You could also set up a mob grinder to farm infinite drops if you have the time.

How to get Brown Mushrooms

A Brown Mushroom in Minecraft can be found growing near sugarcane or in underground mine tunnels. They’re actually very common and can be grown easily.

Now that you have all ingredients to make it, let’s finish up. You can craft a Fermented Spider Eye by taking Sugar and placing it in the center of the Crafting Table. Place one Brown Mushroom under that. Then, just place the spider eye underneath it to get a fermented variant.

  • Place 1 spider eye on the second box in the second row.
  • Then place a brown mushroom on the first box in the first row.
  • And now place sugar on the second box in the first row.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to claim one Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft.

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