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Stellaris 2.6 teases performance improvements

Stellaris’ newest Federations expansion Teased

Stellaris has a bunch of exciting things happening in 2020. Paradox Interactive has been hard at work on the newest batch of DLC, Federations, which promises to expand the diplomatic side of things with long-missing features that should make the alliance-building much more appealing in the later stages of the game. The DLC pack will be paid, and the bulk of the newest features will need to be bought, but the game is also getting a new update, Stellaris 2.6 that will be free for everyone.

The associated patch with the new DLC, bringing the game version to Stellaris 2.6, will include a lot of focus on Populations. The tracking of jobs and job assignments for large empires is a very CPU-intensive task. Paradox devs have now reworked the system for managing jobs within empires to take place on-demand. The checking for certain specific conditions like Decadence traits is now being moved to a more species-wide approach, which means fewer individual calls to the CPU.

With Stellaris 2.6 the code base is also being better optimized to make use of multi-threading in some areas where this optimization was not present before, this should speed up processing times for some tasks. Performance on many systems has long been an issue with the players, with many asking for years for the sluggishness of the later game stages to be mitigated. It looks like Paradox finally found a way to do just that.

Check out the full video segment down below.

In other news, there’s finally a formal release date and some other new info for Federations. The new Stellaris DLC will be released on March 17th and brings with it a ton of new features and even some story elements. The $20 DLC will include various new gameplay options as well. There’s a new Relic world start for example, which changes the way your faction approaches warfare and science. The Void Dwellers start is another unique spaceborne race modifier that focuses on living on artificial habitats. These more unique starts offer new modifications to gameplay through bonuses and negatives, making players have to understand and undertake new tactical and strategic decisions.

If you want to see more of these new features in action, check out the trailer below.

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