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Gwent’s single-player ‘Thronebreaker’ campaign has been delayed into 2018


The Gwent single-player campaign Thronebreaker, which had been slated to come out by the end of the year, has been delayed into 2018. Developer CD Projekt Red said in a “development roadmap update” that it has decided to “increase the campaign’s scope,” and so it’s going to need more time to work on it.

How the new Thronebreaker campaign will fit into The Witcher’s game continuity remains to be seen, but CD Projekt said players will “explore new and never before seen parts of The Witcher world, embark on thought-provoking quests, gather resources, and engage in custom-made story battles, which twist the game’s rules in wildly unexpected ways.” A release date hasn’t been set, but CD Projekt said it will be out later this year.

“Shifting release windows is always something we approach seriously, however, we’ll never hesitate to do it if we feel you’ll get a better game as a result,” CDPR co-founder Marcin Iwiński said. “I would like to apologize everyone who planned to play Thronebreaker over the Holidays—I assure you that we will do our best to make the final game worth the additional wait.”

While fans will no doubt be disappointed, but hopefully the extra time will allow CD Projekt to add a compelling and engaging story to the Witcher-inspired CCG.

As an added bonus, the multiplayer and it’s updates have been coming along at a great pace. Adjustments to card balance are on the to-do-list alongside content additions like new cards. All of this multiplayer development is focused on attracting a keeping new players to the game.

Finally, you can check out the trailer for the Gwent Masters tournament below:

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