How to complete the Memory Test in BitLife

How to complete the Rain Man Challenge in BitLife

We’ve got another new challenge in BitLife this week. Thankfully, it’s not too complex. But that’s not to say it will be easy. It’s actually quite hard if you’ve got a bad memory. This guide can help with that, and after all, with enough effort, you should be OK.

This challenge is styled after Dustin Hoffman’s character in the film Rain Man. The portrayal of autism and emotional drama in the film is cited as a core reason why many love it. And it would seem that CandyWriter wants to tap into that. One of the core elements of the character Ray in the film is his incredible accuracy at recognizing numbers and patterns. That’s where the Memory Test in BitLife comes in.

How to complete the Memory Test in BitLife

You can find this activity available for all characters on your BitLife account. Head into the Activities tab and click on Mind & Body. From there, scroll down and select the option that’s the right one. If you’ve ever played the children’s memory game, Simon, this will look very familiar to you. The basic premise is that players start with a set of four colored buttons. You must press the sequence of flashing lights in the right order each round.

For each color pattern you complete you get one point. After you complete every sequence, another color is added to the pattern. That’s where it can get quite tough, as you need to get 25 or more patterns in a row to complete the Rain Man Challenge in BitLife.

If you’re good at pattern-based recognition, this will be a cinch for you. If you’re bad, you might be in trouble. Having a quick way to record the pattern might help. Come up with a simple color system and jot down the pattern as it evolves on scrap paper. If you’re fast, you should be fine. Unfortunately, the game does have a timer, so you have to be quick. Just do your best and you should be able to finish the challenge.

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The fastest way to do this is just to record one letter of each color on a scrap of paper, then quickly enter the pattern each round. Use one hand to write down the color that gets added each time, then use the other to press the colors in that order on your phone.

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