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Frostpunk Season Pass reveals frosty new expansion, The Rifts


Frotspunk, that strange mixture of dystopian climate disaster pulled right from the likes of Snowpiercer, thrown in with plenty of steampunk flair, offered a really incredible experience for city-builder fans. Sure, you can rain down meteors in Cities: Skylines, but will you have to deal with rebellious serfs who are continually angry that they’re freezing to death? So angry that they’re leading and underground revolt to overthrow you and sieze the life-saving technology you hoard for themselves. No, you can’t, and that is what makes Frostpunk such a darling of misery.

And with 11 Bit Studios consistently pushing out new content for the game, there’s always something more to deal with. Some new malady to tackle, and more ravenous mouths to feed. Don’t be mistaken though, there’s some cheer to be had, as they’ve even added Christmas-themed content to the game. With that being just the start of all the support the developers have heaped onto this game.

Now, the Rifts are opening, and new content is spewing forth. 11 Bit Studios is opening up the DLC floodgates and unleashing a torrent of new content throughout 2020 for Frostpunk, all as one handy Season Pass. This first content pack will add a new map to the Endless Mode and adds “new gameplay mechanics”  in order to access new areas. There are also promises of expanding your city outside the normal bounds you were previously restricted to.

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Check it out in the trailer down below.

You can get both the base game and the aforementioned Season Pass as a bundle on Steam, which you should do if you’re looking to save a few bucks. And you should probably pick this game up if the concept at all interests you. Since its release in 2018, the dystopian city-builder has used its steampunk aesthetic to charm the hearts of many a genre fan.

Speaking of the Season Pass, there’s several more content packs planned. The next one being The Last Autumn, landing in Q4 of 2019. This also brings new mechanics and scenarios to the gameplay, but also tweaks the story in new and exciting ways.

The other teased DLC content is due in 2020, although no window has been confirmed. So far, all we have is a mysterious codename that 11 Bit wants you to crack, Project TVADGYCGJR. The team is being very cryptic about this, only providing the following clue, “Scouts from the city of New London are on the hunt for information and their safe return is expected at the launch of The Last Autumn.”

The challenge and storytelling alone are well worth the price, and with

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