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New Monster Hunter World Iceborne trailer reveals story

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Announced

Capcom has been steadily revealing more and more about the cold and foreboding new locales in the upcoming expansion to Monster Hunter World, Iceborne. The new expansion, due for both consoles and PC, will introduce new monsters and an entirely new zone. And as is typical for the franchise, plenty of new beasties to slay. The Hoarfrost Reach is a dangerous new land, and you better be ready.

The expansion is due to introduce a wide array of new gear as well. There’s the Hot Drink, which can be used to stave off the cold of the newest area, much like the Cool Drink staves off heat in the Elder’s Recess. Then Capcom also included the Clutch Claw, a mod for the Slinger which completely changes the combat gameplay by adding in new elements to combos and gear interactions.

And to coincide with this new bundle of awesome gear, Iceborne also introduces a bunch of new beasts to hunt in the new Master Rank quests. These are equivalent to the G-Rank hunts from older games, and are a massive increase in difficulty. And as you take on new enemies like the Elder Dragon Velkhana or Banbaro and Beotodus, their new interactions with the environment and much more complex fights offer a greater degree of challenge for MHW veterans. Check out some more of these beasts in a livestream showcasing the expansion.

And with the release of a new trailer, Capcom has revealed the story setup for the journey to the icy Hoarfrost. Players are chasing down new leads generated from reports that Legiana are fleeing to a new area or behaving strangely. Following this classic Wyvern reveals plenty of new monsters like Nargacuga, Glavenus, and Tigrex, which we see more of in this new trailer.

Iceborne will also introduce a new hub for players to take quests in. Say hello to Seliana, the new base of the Research Commission. This new location echoes the cold themes of the Iceborne expansion, and will likely be the base many MHW players will call home from now on.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The Iceborne expansion will launch on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release to follow in “Winter”, possibly 2020.

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