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DRF and RMC spark massive Super Capital fight in two regions

Earlier today in the Insmother system of YPW-M4 fleets were engaged in a fight over an R32 moon. The fight eventually escalated to the use of Titans and Supercarriers. This development made a huge splash in the rest of New Eden as hundreds of pilots began to dogpile onto the fight in order for  a shot at the Super Capitals.

The fight began over a Hafnium moon that had been reinforced by RMC forces the previous day. This fight was just the latest in a weeks-long was between DRF and RMC over systems and moons. Previously, the use of Sub-Caps was the primary projection of force in fighting. And this fight began as no different.

DRF assembled 2 fleets, a Proteus\Legion Strategic Cruiser fleet and a Machariel Battleship fleet. The two forces together had approximately 200 pilots. RMC had a 100 pilot Machariel fleet of their own with Triage Carrier support.

RMC forces were first to arrive to the system, as it is located one jump from their staging system. They warped to the tower and quickly set up on it as it was coming out of reinforced mode, bringing in a small Dreadnought force to destroy the tower. DRF forces however were still en-route to the system. Once the tower was removed RMC Dreadnoughts were extracted while the sub-Capital fleet remained on grid, possibly waiting for DRF forces to engage them, or just waiting for a tower of their own to be brought down and installed.

It was at this point that the fight began to truly escalate. A HAC fleet belonging to Stain-Wagon jumped into the nearby system Q7-FZ8 after the tower fell to the attackers. The three coalition forces began to exchange fire off the gate in said system. This began the process of hard Capital counters that saw Dreads and Triage Carriers being killed on both sides; this trend ended with DRF victorious having routed the RMC Sub-Capital forces.

The call was made by the RMC forces to escalate further to annihilate DRF Capitals using a force of 24 Super Capitals. DRF then brought in their own force of 20 Super Capitals. It was at this time that SW forces began to withdraw their Cerberus fleet from the field as DRF and RMC engaged over the Super Capitals. The fight then turned sour for RMC as the promise of Super kills drew both Pandemic Legion and NC. to the fight with Sub-Capitals and NC. attempted to bring Super Capitals into the fight. However, as the NC. Super Capital fleet made the long 6 regions wide trek, it was intercepted in the U-QVWD system by Stain-Wagon Coalition forces. The main force of SW was engaged at the time in the Insmother region, but a few SW pilots spotted the Northern Coalition. Super Capital fleet as it was making its way through the Catch region. Quickly, Interdictors were dispatched and the entire force found itself bubbled on the B-3QPD gate in the system.

This was the beginning of the second front of the overall battle as SW and NC. began brawling over the trapped Supers. As the fight in both areas progressed, the combined damage of five fleets and DRF Super Capitals melted several RMC Supers. Despite RMC dumping more Capitals into the fight, the majority of the forces were either destroyed or routed.

RMC lost the majority of the ships; 2 Titans, 7 Supercarriers, 10 Dreadnoughts, 4 Carriers 114 Battleships and so forth. Alongside SW forces the death toll reaches 372 ships for a total of 574.17 Bil ISK damage. DRF forces lost 13 Dreadnoughts, 3 Carriers, 9 Battleships, 21 Strategic Cruisers and so forth. The total of ships lost reaches 162 hulls for 78.46 Bil ISK damage. In total, 162 ships were destroyed during the fight in U-QVWD alone and 54 Bil ISK of damage was incurred to the various parties fighting.

Battle report for the U-QVWD system can be found here.

Battle report for the YPW-M4 system can be found here.

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