BitLife: Horse Betting – Run Bitizen! Achievement Guide

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Previous challenges had you trying to become a viral hit, or maybe turning into a mad supervillain. You can also earn Achievements to make your account more blinged out. Some of these are pretty crazy, while some are tamer. There’s a new one this week that has a bit more bite to it, while being a bit more grounded. To get this one done quickly, you will need a fair amount of money saved up. You need to buy any horse and name it Bitizen for this challenge. First, let’s talk about buying a horse in the mobile game.

Here’s how to buy a horse in BitLife:

  1. Have between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in the bank.
  2. Go to Assets, and tap on Go Shopping.
  3. Tap on any Real Estate Broker.
  4. Buy any property with the Equestrian Property icon.
  5. Go to Activities and Tap on Pets.
  6. Tap on Horse Ranch, and select a Horse to purchase.

If you want more tips on that, check out our guide on buying and caring for horses in BitLife. Now that you have your horse, it’s time to gamble.

How to Win a Horse Race Bet in BitLife and get the Run Bitizen Achievement

To win a bet on a horse race and get the Run Bitizen achievement:

  1. Open the Activities menu.
  2. Tap on Horse Races to go to the horse track.
  3. Pay the $10 admission.
  4. Keep placing bets until a horse named Bitizen shows up.
  5. Bet on Bitizen when it shows up.

The named horse is key, you need to have a horse that’s owned by you to complete this achievement. Horses are very expensive to purchase, so keep that in mind. Wait until later in life when you have a good cash reserve saved up. When you do and can go buy your horse, it’s time to bet. Go into the Activities menu and tape on the Horse Race option to begin. You must be 18 or older for this option to appear, although you will likely be older by the time you have money for a horse.

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The trouble is that each time you open the menu a dropdown showing five horses comes up. And each time, there’s no guarantee that your horse comes up. So you need to constantly refresh the listing and see if your specific horse comes up. Remember, the goal is to keep betting until your horse shows up named Bitizen. Then you need to bet on that horse and have it win. Since the entire process is based on RNG, it can take a lot of work to get good results. Just keep at it.

When you find Bitizen show up in the list of horses, make sure to place a bet on it. When you win the race, you get the achievement. It’s very simple to do, and the bet amount doesn’t matter, you just need to win the bet. The roster of horses in each race changes each round, so keep at it. Eventually, you will get lucky and win the race with that named horse. That’s how you can get the Run Bitizen achievement in BitLife.

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