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[DEV BLOG] Fanfest 2015 – The Festival To Eclipse All Others

The latest Dev Blog from CCP has been posted, and this one is all about FanFest 2015.  The annual gathering of devs and players of EVE Online in Iceland is just around the corner.  And  CCP Legion tells us all about the details of the various goings on at the show this year.

Everything from the various presentations and speeches, to the entertainment and player-centric activities are covered in the blog.  Even some of the non-EVE happenings are discussed.  Including the solar eclipse that’s happening during fanfest this year.  Which to the chagrin of many capsuleers, increased flight costs exponentially due to increased travel volume.

CCP’s other major project EVE Valkyrie will have a strong showing. With multiple presentations and activities centered around the game.


Read the full Blog here.

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