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Destiny 2 patch removes Might of the Traveler and nerfs Deep Stone Crypt exploit

Deep Stone Crypt Destiny 2

Bungie has just dropped a patch into Destiny 2 that will make bypassing certain hard parts of a popular raid much harder. There’s a method for “cheesing” the Sparrow boss fight within Deep Stone Crypt, and players were abusing it pretty blatantly.

Deep Stone Crypt is one of the tougher Raids, but it’s not depressingly hard. Players still found a way to bypass a part of the fight by abusing certain aspects of the Atraks-1 encounter to make it too easy. And Bungie thought that was a bad idea, as they have patched the game to remove the possible abuse of the boss.

Players were basically able to bypass damage immunity on the boss, making this an exploit to some. Players could also clip out of parts of the level geometry, allowing them to even bypass certain areas. Both of these bugs have now been fixed. So now, you have to fight through that encounter and the rest of the Deep Stone Crypt the intended way.

The way this worked, at least for damaging the boss, comes down to how the game handled spawning the actual boss. The game picks the model and rigging of a Fallen Captain already in the game and spawns it as the boss. Players were then able to find that Fallen Captain, and something strange happened. Players could debuff and damage the normal Fallen Captain, and have the DPS and statuses inflicted on the boss as well. Bungie has now fixed this.

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Although realistically, it’s only a matter of time before something like this happens again for another piece of content in Destiny 2.

What else changed?

Another change involves a certain bounty that pretty much everyone hated. The Might of the Traveler bounty has been deleted from the game. The bounty had some very annoying elements that made it a boring chore for everyone involved. Bungie has heard player feedback and completely removed the task from the possible bounty boards.

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